Twitter Becomes The Emerging Job Portal

Twitter becomes the lowest profit maker in today’s competitive world, now getting some positive news regarding the best job social site on the internet. According to the new study, which are conducted on the Twitter, it has more job openings than any other social website of the Internet world. According to one survey, the biggest job portal LinkedIn comes after the Twitter in this scenario. Additionally, the users of the Twitter are rapidly increasing due to its most updated job positions and the reliable platform for the job seekers. According to the 2014 record, the number of the users, were much than the Facebook and the LinkedIn, which become less in the coming years.

According to the Pew Research Center. The rapid increase of the Twitter users, are due to the joining of the young professionals and the workers who have earned a high income and becomes the fertile demographics for the employers.

Twitter becomes the most reliable job engine site for the job seekers, as the 15%of the recruiting is actually done due to the Twitter, where the companies could share the positions of the job through their Twitter page and hire through the user account if the resume matched with the job description posted by the companies.

Although the people could recruit through the Twitter, but this is comparatively small number as compared to the other job engines on the Internet. The reason is that the job seekers respond lesson the job postings which are posted by the companies on this social site for the new entrants.

According to the Software Advice, which is cited for the people, who are users of the Twitter account, that it shows the dissatisfaction and the poor communication of the company about the job positions. The people hardly rely on the job postings as the social site becomes the entertainment or the promotional hub for the users. Only 76% of the Twitter users show that they could rely on these job positions and successful in getting interaction with the companies and the employees through the profiles of the company or the candidate profiles who are serious about this job search. It is not necessary to apply for the job positions which are posted by the company through this social website.

The need of the time is that Twitter should improve their profit earnings by focusing on the area which have successful in getting the maximum user attention and also could improve their performance as a best matchmaker for the reliable jobs. The companies should create an additional board, which contains all the job positions and the descriptions, which are considered to be applied as the job opening starts in a specific company.

Currently the job seekers could only access and find the suitable job by visiting the profile of the company or could use the hashtag option which indicates the specific job name on this website and find the matchable positions for the users who are interested in applying for the job.