Twitter Causes Ripples In Wall Street With Massive Growth In Users And Revenue

Twitter shares shot up by more than 25% after trading hours Friday following revelations of the stellar financial results captured in the financial reports indicated in the quarterly learning report. The social media platform registered massive growth in both monthly users and revenue during the second quarter of the year. The social media platform added an average of 16 million users every month, therefore bringing the total number of users to 271 million. This presents the biggest growth since the first quarter of the last financial year. The company registered revenue of $312 against an earlier estimate of $283 million by analysts. The company’s adjusted income is two cents for every share, beating the earlier expectations by analysts of one cent loss for every share. Overall, the company registered an overall net loss of about $145 million for the quarter. This cost includes expenses for stock compensation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Some pundits started writing Twitter’s eulogy long time ago when its user growth and revenue plummeted. However, recent actions by the social media company to make its platform user friendly are starting to pay off. Features which help users remove tweets by certain users from the timeline and others that are aimed at making new users feel at home have contributed to the positive turnaround. According to Malik Khan, a technology blogger, features that are aimed at taking hassles out of the many messages that someone gets have helped bring on board more users who treasure having a great user experience.

Khan says that the world cup, which is one of the world’s biggest sporting events that was held recently in Brazil, contributed to the use of the platform. Twitter platform organized the conversations around individual matches, featuring scores and other match information in real time basis. It also provided flags for all the participating nations and hash tags which are associated with them.

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo said that they registered massive progress in various fronts, including financial performance which was exceptional. Dick said this when making presentation in a conference with investors. However, according to the presented analytics, the negative point was the dive by 7% in the number of timeline views per active user. However, the company attributes these reductions to the changes which were recently made to the interface of the website which helped to make it easier to use and to help them see tweets without having to scroll down through hordes of messages. However, curated world cup pages and other content didn’t count towards this metric.

Costolo added that Twitter continues to differentiate itself with Facebook in the eye of investors. He says that Twitter tries as much as possible to understand the audience which it targets to serve. The number of those who visit Twitter on monthly basis is 2 or 3 times its official user base when those who do not log in are included. He also talked about what is known as syndicated viewers who are those who look at tweets while reading news or watching television broadcasts.