Twitter Has Acquired The Machine Learning Startup ”Whetlab”

Twitter one of the leading social media websites, made an important announcement that it has bought the Machine Learning startup “Whetlab” to gain the rights of artificial intelligence which the acquired company possesses. Whetlab’s function was to develop a technology based on artificial intelligence by the help of which companies would be able to implement machine learning conveniently. According to the whetlab, the technology which had been used by it had the quality of increasing the speed of the process of recovering from the difficult problems.

Many big tasks can be done through the machine learning for example it can assist the researchers in the cure of a disease government can use it to make its policies in a better way. More functions which can be done through machine learning include making a better decision related to your business through it. You can select the best movie to watch with the help of this learning.

The terms of the deal made between Twitter and Whetlab have not been opened to anyone yet but both of the companies have confirmed that the acquisition move have been done. Although twitter is not the first social media website which has used the artificial intelligence to make its performance and position in the market better. Facebook and Google both have already their teams of Artificial Intelligence.

Whetlab claims that it had made a technology due to which companies were able to use the machine learning in a fast and better way and after the acquisition this technology would also help Twitter to increase the pace of its internal machine learning efforts. Al the five members of the Whetlab would become the part of Twitter now and use their talent for Twitter and improve the current machine learning efforts of Twitter. These team members include Ryan Jasper Snoek, Kevin Swersky, Adams, Hugo Larochelle and Alex Wiltschko.

Twitter’s main aim is to beat its big competitors Google and creating the competitive advantage over them which would be created by applying the artificial intelligence tools to advertising. The main focus of Twitter is on Data and through this opportunity which Twitter has, can create better and more convenient data analysis tools for the advertisers.

Twitter will help the advertisers in the data analysis and this will make it efficient in that which would create the difference in the Twitter and its service and ultimately gaining competitive advantage.

We will have to wait and see what changes this acquisition brings to the Twitter which has been facing low performance issues due to the lack of user retention with the social media website. This new step would increase the hope for Twitter that it will bring its users back and it will give its competitors tough time now.