Twitter Has Updated The Interface For Better Option

The Twitter is now introducing a new search interface results for all the users, who logged in with their login information on the website. It has introduced a feel and look cleaner with the many filtering options, which enable the users to sort out the results of the top tweets on the website. It also enables the photos, videos, account tweets, news and many through this new and advance interface. The test of the new feature on the Twitter was started in the month of April 2015 and made a new and advance interface, which is available for the small group of the people who are the users on the Twitter with the company account as shared by the website itself.

The new and updated interface of the Twitter becomes the one of the most advanced and the new update of the search engine on the Twitter which was noticed by the users in the current month of the May. It means that this search interface is a convenient way to switch between the accounts, videos, photos and the tweets on the company website.

Although the new interface, seems the most simple and convenient service online, but it has allowed almost 140 characters to post as an update on the website for the world to check the private and the seen messaged through their registered accounts. The Twitter has worked for this feature for the several years. Although it has introduced various simple and easy ways to use the Twitter account, but still it is the toughest social website for the newbies which register their online account on the website and fail to understand the how to check the followers list, direct messages which are sent by the others in their user account and the other interesting features which are specially designed in consideration of the user own interests for the services which are given by the Twitter authorities to the registered users. It is sometimes, difficult to check all the notifications and find the specific messages under the bundles of other notifications on the Twitter account.

The website has already initiated the catering for the visitors who are logged out from the websites to the new users by sending the latest updates about the services, which they get after refreshing their browsers and the Twitter page. It also enables the users to track, all the latest news, updates and the information about the world and the activities which are performed around the world through the twitter account. The news from the different categories could easily get through this service. The instant timeline and the away updates are already introduced on the Twitter for the ease of the users to get all the information easily. The most advanced search engine get all the latest information about the company positions, ads or the user profiles, which is easy to access. With the direct activities you could check the latest trends as given at the left side of the page for the users, to get the information, what is trending in the area where they are residing.