Twitter Is Apparently Looking To Expand Into The Ecommerce Market

Since its initial debut way back in 2006, Twitter has grown into one of the most popular social media sites on the planet. With new users tweeting and joining every day, Twitter has been showing no signs of slowing down. After being out in the market for over 6 years, we’ve seen lots of features implemented in the ultra-popular social networking site. Between success like Vine, as well as complete failures such as Twitter Music, the company has proven that it is constantly looking for ways to expand their services that they offer to their users. Most recently, we’ve been seeing reports suggesting that Twitter is planning to get into the Ecommerce market.

Hold on just a minute. Ecommerce on Twitter? That’s right, folks. According to reports by some users of the social networking site, it does appear that Twitter has some upcoming plans to start selling us an assortment of things. The first report came from Twitter user @am_Bix. Bix was scrolling through Twitter’s long list of settings on his phone when he discovered a setting that he wasn’t so sure about. In the settings menu, Peter (@am_Bix) found a list for “Payments & Shipping”. Peter is not the only one reporting this strange sighting. When browsing through Twitter, one can find a host of other users reporting the exact same phenomena.

As strange as this sounds, this is not the first time we’ve seen or heard reports of Twitter looking to enter into the ecommerce market. Between rumors that Twitter is working with Stripe (payment provider), leaked documents regarding Twitter getting into commerce and “Buy Now” buttons which began to pop up on tweets regarding links to the retail site Fancy, Twitter’s recent history shows a lot of signs of the company looking to enter into this field. The current “Payments & Shipping” toggle in the settings list cannot be opened at this time, so it is not entirely apparent as to what exactly Twitter plans on doing with those features.

Another thing worth pointing out, is that Twitter is not unfamiliar with testing out potential features of their service with small batches of their user-base. Most recently, we’ve seen the site list suggest potentially new followers inside the timelines of some users, as well as showing tweets that were favorited by other users. While these two things are interesting, there’s no denying that the idea of Twitter entering the ecommerce market is one of the most interesting feature ideas we’ve seen come out of Twitter in quite some time.

Twitter has yet to make an official statement on the matter, but it would only make good sense for the company to pursue this feature. As Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites continue to grow, it would be smart for Twitter to add a feature like this to really differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. An Ecommerce option for the service would be attractive for users, as well as more businesses and brands.