U.S. Firms Are Being Hit Badly By The Cyber Crimes

It has been reported that millions of dollars are being lost by many U.S. firms per year because of cybercrime. Hewlett Packard and Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime which is an institute that is based in United States, have released a report according to which hackers have been hurting American firms on average y $15.4 million every year. It is twice the average firm in the world that is $7.7 million.

A survey has been done in which around 250 firms were included all over the world and above 2000 employees and executives and astonishingly every industry and the market is being affected by this cybercrime.

The attacks of the cybercrimes that are considered to be the most dangerous come from DDoS, malicious insiders and attacks which are web-based. DDoS which is known as Denial of Service Attack overwhelms the webpage with traffic by which it is taken down.

The energy industry and the sector of financial services are at the top of the list of those sectors that are worst affected. Per annum cost that has been borne by the financial services sector is $13.5 million while the other had faced the loss of $12.8 million.

Hike in the expenses of the business makes the hacking process expensive for the hackers but propagation of botnets helped them in making the attacks of DDoS easy and cheaper and they can be launched without bearing high costs and markets are being exploited without much difficulty.

Incapsula, one of the cybersecurity firms, had told that the cost that is to be incurred to launch an attack of DDoS has fallen down to only $38 for an hour.

Cyber criminals have got another bonus in the shape of issuance of data and tools from a surveillance company of Italy. Its hacking team made the things simple but the unfortunate thing happened to the company itself that it got hacked itself.

The data that was leaked consisted of exploitation of number of “zero day” or former security errors that were unknown in the popular software.

Microsoft and Adobe who were the inventors of the software that were affected, had to swift to make their software fixed from the problems. Various attacks had been reported by the experts and warnings had been given by them to the users that they must update their software so that they may be saved from the attacks by the hackers because without updating their software, they would remain at risk.