Find Jobs At Ui Texas Workforce

Texas Workforce Commission has been working with a goal to provide the job seekers and employers, workforce development services. The objective of TWC is to make the economy prosper by creating the offers for the employers,

Visit the Website to find a Job for you

  • To begin the search for a job, you have to enter URL of the Texas Work Force which is At the center of the page, you can see that it has been divided into three major portions, Job seekers & Employees, Business & Employers and Community & Workforce Partner. Click on “Search for Jobs at” under the portion of “Job seekers & Employees”.
  • This will redirect you to another page where you will see a blue tab “Job Seeker Registration”. An agreement will be appeared on the next page at the bottom of which “I Accept” button can be found. Click on that and begin the process of Login.

Login Process

  • To create Login for you, some information will be required to enter. You will have to type your name and email address.
  • You will be asked to enter the social security number your PIN, Personal Identification Number in case you have applied for the unemployment benefits. Also enter your user ID and password you want to create and at the end, select three security questions which will help you whenever you forget your password.
  • After entering all the information, click on “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Search a Job

After your registration for an account, you can search a job now by entering the keywords that would be matched with the data that is present with the website. Click on “Search which will open a list of jobs for you. Select the jobs from the list seem suitable for you and then click on them to open them. Clicking on any of the jobs will give you the description of that job which will tell you all the requirements of the job as well.

If you think you are eligible for that job and you are interested in that, click on “Apply” and follow the further instructions to complete the application process.