Verizon Expects To Launch 5G Technology In 2017

Five years ago, Verizon became the first carrier in America which was offering 4G network and now it has set the target of being the first one to introduce the 5G as well. Verizon which claims to be the largest wireless carrier in the country has recently announced that the company is going to start the field testing of the new technology that is 5G during the upcoming year while it will be available for the commercial use by the year 2017.

There are other wireless companies which have aimed for 5G network in 2020, they will have pressure on them now due to the Verizon which is going to take the step earlier than them. According to the chief information and technology architect of Verizon, Roger Gurnani, we are not far from the 5G technology and it will no longer be a dream now. A marvelous sense of firmness is being felt to push forward on 5G to enter the latest generation of the technology.

According to Verizon, the capacity of its upcoming 5G technology will be 50 times more than the size of the 4G network it is currently having. Earlier the experiments over the 5G network have shown the speed that is 40 times more than the 4G.

If you have the speed which is that fast, it will let you do man amazing things by using your smartphone including, the streaming of 8K videos in 3D. You will be able to download a 3D movie through your 5G network in just 6 seconds which takes about 6 minutes n 4G.

Ultimately when the time of the deployment of 5G will come nationwide, it will definitely give a faster speed than 4G but it is not going to be that fast because of some factors like strength of the signals, congestion of network or perhaps the material which was used to make your home can play a role in decreasing the speed of the network.

Verizon told about the test which is going to be done initially, it will occur in the research labs outside of San Francisco and Boston where applications can be tested and changes can be brought in the technology by the engineers.

It generally requires by every new technology of the network some years to finish the lab stage and move on to the commercial utilization. You can take an example of Verizon itself which took the initiative of testing the 4G network in 2008 and launched it 2010 for the commercial use by the customers.

This time, Verizon is claiming to launch the new network of 5G till 2017 which means it would take half of the time that was taken to launch the previous network. It will also be much quicker as compared to Nokia which told publically that it is expecting to launch the technology in 2020.

Verizon has made a partnership with the essential companies including Cisco, Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung to launch the 5G network.