Verizon Is Working On The Internet Speed To Be Thousand Times Quicker

With the passage of time, we have been finding many new things becoming the part of our lives and providing us convenience in several ways. Internet has become a core part of almost every home now through which people are connected at long distances. A new technology for the broadband is the target which Verizon currently has by which the internet speed that could be delivered, would be the fastest ever.

The new internet technology would be able to give the speed up to 10 gigabites per second which is even 10 times more than the speed of Google Fiber and 1000 times more than the speed of the internet which is given to the homes in U.S. Would this speed be given to the users in realty? This is the question which comes in everyone’s mind when hear about this technology.

You can estimate the speed of this new internet that it would let an HD movie of two hours to be downloaded in just 8 seconds, downloading of textbooks at a time by one hundred students would take only 2 seconds and thousand photos could be uploaded in 2 seconds. If it is real, that would be an amazing speed of which people are going to take benefit in the future.

Addition of the light colors which are new to the optical fiber cable of the company makes the new broadband work. Verizon is so confident of this latest technology that it would even give a speed of between 40 and 80 gigabits a second.

Currently, regarding the internet services, the fastest technology we have, is the Fiber optic which has the ability of transmission of data to far away distances. Therefore, this technology can be used for the further research which could improve the things.

Verizon is not the only company which has kept focus on the fiber optic, other companies like AT&T, Comcast and Google Fiber are also investing their money to make expansion in the networks of fiber they are currently having with them.

A new conglomerate named Alphabet has the subsidiary, Google Fiber which has announced publically that a new network of fiber is going to be established in San Antonio. Comcast is another company busy in offering people the quickest internet service in United States.

Coming back to the working of Verizon on the fiber optic technology, the experiment on the internet speed of 10 gigabites per second has only been done in the lab and an office in Massachusetts and now we have to wait that whether they will really be successful in providing that high speed to everyone or not.