Virgin Mobile Of Usa Offering The Sharing Of Information Without Any Contract!

Last summer in New York a new mobile was introduced by the company of Virgin mobiles. It inaugurated a unique cell phone that offered data for the customers to let them buy special wireless prepaid network packages for a long time use for the applications.

From the last week the brand started offering what it authorize as another industry first, at least for the network that is prepaid, a contract for the free sharing of data. This kind of plans for the sharing of data is mostly famous in the carrier of wireless.

The plans of Virgine network start from 30 dollars per line. For three lines you have to pay almost 90 dollars per month. In return you will get unlimited talk time, unlimited messages and 8 GB data for the internet. A plan for double line with the data of almost 4GB to share and it costs almost 65 dollars monthly. Other options of data done right are also introduced by the Virgin mobiles.

The deals are latest and limited to certain malls with specific 4G LTE smart devices. According to the company new mobiles will be introduced at the end of February.

In these mobiles the streaming of video is limited to low speed that is 3G.Customers can still buy the special packages that will give them unlimited data to use all the websites which they want. The cost of such packages is almost 5 dollars and it never cuts more tax for the network.

The Virgin mobiles are raising its standard by introducing a number of new smartdevices with different ranges of network which will help the people to select according to their need and will also provide network with full speed to meet the requirement of people.