Join The Vanilla Prepaid Card Canada Online Service

The Vanilla prepaid card has made the life so easier and simpler. It has made online shopping so easier that one can has easy purchasing from football to airline tickets. You can use prepaid cards for groceries, online shopping, paying bills and travelling. We are providing easy and reliable services so that a large number of people are using this prepaid card because they fill themselves safe and secure and can enjoy all the charms of life. You can get benefit from these services at any time and any place according to your need. It gives you the real taste of life which makes you feel “Vanilla”. There is no need to the entry the bio data while using the services provided by vanilla prepaid card.

Our people are our real worth and we realize this fact that they can use their potential at the best level when we provide ease and comfort to their lives. You have to keep your receipts with you while making the shop.

Do you want to enjoy these offers?

Come and join us. We are with you and will add more to the real charms of your life. There are some simple instructions in the following text. What you have to do is just to follow these simple instructions and add into the fun zone of your life.

  • Visit our official site
  • After clicking this link, a page will appear on your screen with a logo of “Vanilla Prepaid”.
  • Below this there are two options for the card numbers.
  • If your card number start from the digits “4263” then click on the field below this option.
  • If your card number begins with the number “4279” then click on the respective field.
  • After making a click on the relevant option another page will appear on your screen where you have to enter a 16-digit number, expiration date and CVV.
  • All this information is provided on your receipt, you just need to copy it from the card and put in the relevant boxes.

You and your time both are precious for us and we want to add more colors in your life. Come and join us and enjoy our unlimited services.