Visit All The Greatest Treasures Of Egypt From Your Home With Google Street View

Now you can visit the Pyramids, The Sfinx and other Egyptian treasures from the confort of your own home using Google Street View.

Google announced on Wednesday the launch of panoramic views from Ancient Egypt through Strees View service. All internet users can take virtual tours of Egypt and they can feel just like any other normal Egyptian.

Through Street View service,Googel managed to bring to life anyones imagination. Internet users can travel virtually through the amazing historical sites of this ancient civilization. Google’s representatives mentioned that anyone with a crush on history can benefit from this new possibility.

Since this Wednesday, internet users can travel through Giza’s pyramids, Saqquara, fort Qaitbay, Cairo, The Suspended Church, the ancient city of Abu Mena.

By offering Street View images from Egypt for example, Google bring historical sites and cities to an international audience in order to create the most comprehensive, accurate and easy to use map.

This project is part of Google’s initiative to create a digital mirror of the real world and to give users a realistic and immersive experience on the internet.

The Trekker device debuted last year, when it was used to photograph the Grand Canyion. After that the device was used on boats and mountain paths and in order to provide spectacular images of places like Galapagos Islands and Venice.

Now, the Street View service covers over 3000 cities worldwide and more than 50 countries, as well as a small part of Antartica. At the beginning if the project, in 2007, there were over eight million kilometers of roads present in Street.

Google Cultural Institute has over 300 partners in 53 countries and 80 museums that can be visited through Street View service.