Wearables – The Latest Gadgets To Hit The Market And the Risks They Can Bring to Business Owners.

Thanks to storage systems such as Box and Dropbox, companies are opting to use them if their suppliers will not provide the storage solutions they need. Personal devices are being used more and it can be difficult to allow someone to use technology that you do not own. The benefits far outweigh the problems and firms are finally beginning to see this. Rather than just a few devices being connected at a time there can now be many more and companies are reporting that there is cause for concern as not all of them will be from within the firewall.

As the last few years has brought about hot-desking the situation was that fewer devices would be attached at a time, but this can be turned on its head. The challenges are immense and the introduction of wearables is going to make it even harder to cope but business leaders are trying to get ahead of the game according to recent reports.

New research from ABI Research has shown that wearables are not a fad and they will be an important part of enterprise development in the next 3 to 5 years. In the USA it is estimated that by 2019 the market will have reached US$18 million and for this reason it is vital that processes are put in place to ensure that systems can cope both with the volume of traffic and also with the additional need for security. Wearables can be a helpful and needed market, but their success does to a large extent depend upon the work that is carried out in the background and managers are being warned that they need to start their upscaling now.

The good news is that not everything needs to be carried out from scratch, as some of the BYOD policies can be adapted and with very little work, should be fit for purpose for the wearables market. Business sites are kept up to date and further news can be found there if you feel your company is falling behind in any way.

The use of mini data centres is on the up and here companies are only passing the necessary items over to the main data centre. You should manage to keep on top of business by doing this. Look out for the extra cost that the higher traffic will bring as well as the risk of down time and your business should be one of the ones that survives.