What Is Trending On The Retail Scene? Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Recently, Verizon spelt out its opinion regarding the key enterprise technology trends that promise to impact their customers this 2014. Whether it is machine-to-machine as a service or customer of one; the various highlights include how cyber security management will be changed by the scarcity of security expertise, and why providers are concentrating on integrating services and software to the cloud. In all, from Verizon’s perspective, 2014 will focus on how enterprises and Governments are leveraging technology to promote innovation and boost customers’ experience.

Verizon representatives ask; “what is the opinion of our customers in all these? Recently, we clearly spelt out the path that Verizon is treading to assist Tesco in its plan of migrating to a single global network infrastructure. This stride is intended to reinforce the ongoing infrastructure centralization and application program by Tesco.”

Tesco’s Group Infrastructure IT Director, Tomas Kadlec lines out his view regarding the mode in which technology is going to impact the company’s customers in the months to come, including certain projects being undertaken by Tesco.

Tesco is one of the largest online grocery retailers in the world, and the largest in UK. Specifically, the company ranks number three among the world’s largest retailers. Tomas who is a Prague engineering graduate has accomplished strategic technology management leadership roles for more than twenty years, the last fifteen years being in the retail sector across different countries of the world.

Tomas is undertaking certain current responsibilities such as leading the international team, as well as designing and constructing the Enterprise class technology platform. The platform is intended to integrate Tesco Group’s different parts such as the bank, online, and Retail.

In the most recent time, Tomas has made Tesco’s organization and technology platform global. One of these accomplishments is establishing one truly global team for network, collaboration/desktop, as well as a consolidated data center that works with reliable monitoring framework and strong central support management.

Also, Tomas spoke about how important technology is to Tesco overall. He also provided a brief of his experience working with Verizon in representing Tesco. And, from his speech, it has been both challenging and rewarding experience representing Tesco at Verizon.

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