What Steve Ballmer Says About Apple And Amazon

Former CEO of Microsoft and the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer was at the morning show on TV where he shared his views about the Apple and Amazon.

Amazon had been reported for being involved in the creation of the miserable workplace where backstabbing is promoted. Due to this report, the company came under the fire. The report has been challenged by Amazon as well. Ballmer commented on the report and said that according to him, people are not interested to work at Amazon and if any employee of Microsoft leaves it and join Amazon, then it can be hoped that he would come back to the company within one or two years. The reason is that if you are an engineer, you cannot get anything from the place after sometime as there is no innovation there. He told that there are examples of the people who have come back to Microsoft after working with Amazon for a very short period.

If the comparison is made with the culture of Microsoft, then we will come to know that it is very powerful when a rebuttal came from the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos that Microsoft Company would be killed due to its country club atmosphere.

When Ballmer was asked to give his opinion about Apple, he said that it is the largest tech company in the world and it has shown good performance but Apple will have to face the hard time because of Microsoft and it would become difficult for the company to remain at the position of the best in the business.

Currently, Apple has not seen a cut throat competition with anyone which is the cause of its success in hardware but now Microsoft will be the one which is going to be the real competitor for the company.

Ballmer said that MacBook will be replaced by the latest tablet-laptop hybrid Surface Book now that is the newest innovation in the category of PCs and according to him the battle for innovation is a two-horse race as Apple and Microsoft are only the 2 companies with the software-hardware skill.

Some remarks about other tech companies were also given by him and he praised another company, Uber. He said that he lacks the understanding of the business economics but he appreciates the company. A stake is also owned by Microsoft in Uber.

Also 4 percent stocks of Twitter have been purchased by Ballmer recently. In the end, Facebook was discussed in which a huge investment is also made by Microsoft. He called it one of the greatest companies as a germ of an idea was taken by the company and it carried on for its establishment. Facebook is a company that runs in a clear direction.