What The Latest Hacks Mean For Apple’s Upcoming Product Launch

Many eyes are on Apple for the past weeks because of an upcoming event on September 9 for their year-end iPhone launch. As the anticipated date looms, more eyes have focused on them but this time it’s not just because of their product launch. For the past couple of days, the internet has been buzzing with leaked celebrity photos and it has put the company in a grilling position since the hack supposedly made use of Apple’s Find My iPhone service.

Nude and semi-nude photos of Hollywood celebrities, including that of actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst, were posted on different internet forums which were condemned by publicists and by the stars themselves. This incident has even lead to an investigation from the FBI.

While it doesn’t matter if anyone ever stores their nude photos in cloud storage services, the hacking has exposed vulnerability within Apple’s iCloud service, just as the company is planning a highly anticipated product launch. A tech analyst observes that it doesn’t really matter if Apple should be at fault for the hack or not because the damage is done. Truth be told, thousands of users of Twitter express their disappointment with the company.

Security experts also expressed that it would be easier for phone makers to make things more secure or private by default instead of allowing their users to choose “security options”. Most people don’t bother with this kind of security measures because it’s extra hassle for them. The vulnerability in Apple’s iCloud can also be found in other internet or cloud storage services.

The hacking of celebrity photos is one the company’s worst crises that are highly publicized. This can put a damp in Apple’s reputation leading to its September 9 event. Not only that, Apple is also expected to launch their mobile wallet service alongside iPhone 6 on the same day, which allows the users to pay for items using their phone. To enable this, the company will require payment information such as the user’s credit card details – information that hackers would most definitely be interested in.

With the Apple’s most recent crisis, consumers would want to question the company’s degree of security. Consumer trust will be a relevant issue especially now that it would involve their equally sensitive information. Apple has already faced public crises in the past years but this celebrity hacking affair has gotten them more ire from the public, especially because the celebrities involved have huge following in different social media.

In Twitter alone, 17,000 Twitter mentions were related to the company’s security breach in the past 3 days with 7,600 mentions of Apple. There were three times more negative mentions than positive mentions involving the affair. Some of the negative words related to Apple’s iCloud service include “disappointment”, “glitch”, “violation”, “failure”, “disgusting violation”, and “criminality.”

This is a nightmare of a time for Apple and still, everyone’s eyes are on them until their forthcoming event where their every move will be up for the public’s scrutiny and waiting for them on how they will address these distressing events in the last couple of days.