What To Expect In Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Mark your calendars because September 3rd is the day that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will finally be unveiled and launched. If you’re sitting on pins and needles like millions of other people, read on to discover the latest secrets about the new model that Samsung has been trying to hide for the past year.

As always, most tech manufacturers will try to hide details of their latest unreleased models, but people are always eager and impatient to know more. As such, information has been leaked and photos uploaded online showing the world at large what the new phone will look like.

Samsung plans to unveil the new Galaxy Note 4 in hopes of making handwriting win over keyboard typing. That is why Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the facility to send an SMS that is written by hand using an optic pen that is attached to the device itself. The Galaxy Note will not convert handwriting to technical writing as most mobiles do, which is what makes the Galaxy Note 4 compatible with all languages from all countries, whether it’s from China or from the United States.

Some high-tech facilities have also been implemented into the mobile device. It was recently announced that the new Galaxy Note has a 5.7in, 2K screen which should certainly tempt buyers who enjoy wider screens. The following is also expected in the list of features of the Galaxy according to a report released today.

Secret Password

The mobile has a retina scanner, which is a very high-tech security method that makes your Galaxy inoperable by anyone who tries to use it except for you. The retina scanner uses ones eye as a password for unlocking the mobile’s system and making it accessible again after being turned off or locked. It seems like something straight out of a James Bond movie and we’re loving it!

The Sun Can Be Harmful

The new Galaxy Note model helps you sunbathe without getting your skin negatively affected or greatly harmed by the suns strong rays. The Galaxy Note 4 is powered with a UV sensor; which is a device that reads the sun’s strength when placed at a specific angle directed towards the sun. It helps you determine if it is good for your health to sunbathe at this spot.

Flexibility is the Trick

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have a very flexible body so it won’t break when harshly used. The new Samsung Galaxy will have exceptional flexibility that has not yet been achieved by any other mobile device company in the word.

It is said that with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung plans on releasing other devices too, including the Galaxy Alpha, Gear 6 and maybe even the Galaxy S6. So get your wallets out and get in line because day after tomorrow will be the day when Samsung unleashes one of its most highly anticipated products yet and with strong release after strong release, we have a feeling the Galaxy Note 4 is going to get great reviews.