Which One Is Winning The Race? Apple Iphone 6 Or The Iphone 6 Plus!

Apple has unveiled its first ever Phablet and launched in the market by the name of iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 plus has been received by the customers, but the relatively smaller sized iPhone 6 is beating the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of the sales according to a new research.

According to the AppLovin, that is a mobile advertisement firm estimated that the iPhone 6 scored 80 percent of the total number of the iPhone used all over the world and the remaining shares were captured by the iPhone 6 plus. IPhone 6 that has got a 4.7 inch screen is clearly dominating the iPhone 6 Plus that has got a 5.5 inch screen by a huge margin.

The advertisement firm processes over 25 billion ad requests every day, glanced at the high volume of the data to determine its estimate.

According to the AppLovin, “the usage difference and the interaction among the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus are negligible on our network. It is just fair to estimate that approximately one in the five new iPhone sold is the iPhone 6 Plus.”

The most awaited iPhones were launched on the 9th of the September getting the enthusiasm from the customers all over the world.

On the first weekend of their launch, 10 million devices were sold by the Apple that was more than the previous year when the older generation of the iPhones was launched in the last year that was recorded as nine million at that time. So, the difference was recorded over one million.

Western nations are more satisfied with the mid-sized display phones and they like to buy the one that has got the mid-sized screen. While in Asia, they are more interested in the bigger sized screen when it comes to the mobiles. So, the situation is different in Asia and the Western nations.

IPhone 6 plus scored a 35 percent of the overall new iPhones in use in the China, Vietnam, Philippines and the Japan and that means that below average is using it in such countries.

The AppLovin said, “no one anticipated that the iPhone 6 plus will beat the iPhone 6 in sales, but the usage was much more below to the expectations – especially in the areas where the Phaplets was popular already.

The Smartphone and the tablets having a display size that ranges from the 5.5 inches to the 7 have been becoming popular just because of their dual sort of functionality of a Smartphone and a tablet at the same time. So, that is the reason of the popularity of the bigger sized smart phones.

There is a demand among the people of the United States and the other West European countries to be more attractive towards the combination of tablets, PCs, and the smart phones to utilize them just accordingly. They are not concerned about the size, but want to have the functionality of all of them in a single device.