Wi-Fi Hotspots Blockage Plan By Marriott: Google Fights Against It!

A growing chorus of the business has been joined by the Google and the Microsoft in opposition of the Marriott’s decision about blocking the guest’s Wi-Fi hotspot in the hotel rooms of the Microsoft.

The Marriott and hotel lobby the American Hospitality and the Lodging Association request the FCC to permit the hotels to deploy the tools that prevent the people from making their phones a Wi-Fi hotspot.

To avoid the costly Wi-Fi charges from the Hotels, the people use to turn on the hotspot of their mobiles to use the mobile carrier’s internet on their laptops and the Marriott hotel has decided to block this thing that is permitting the guests to use their own internet rather than the Hotel’s pricey internet services.

There are the rates for the Internet in the Marriott’s hotel rooms like $14.95/day for the normal speed and by paying the $19.95/day means that you will be getting an enhanced high speed for the internet. You can download the larger files, do video chatting and also watch the large streaming videos by paying the $19.95/day.

While in the petition to FCC, the Marriott hotel and hotel lobby said that the Smartphone and the Mi-Fi devices can be used by the guests in order to launch the attacks against the Wi-Fi networks of the hotel and they can threaten the privacy of the other guests by stealing the personal information or the credit card data.

They also argued that such devices can be crossing point with hotel’s Wi-Fi resulting in slowing speed for the other guests.

According to the Marriott – If we cannot address the activities like that, then the not only we, but the customers will also be suffering.

The most number of the responses that have been received from the Marriott’s blocking policy is says that this is due to the fact that the hotels don’t want to lose the Wi-Fi charges that may become least due to the current Wi-Fi hotspot option that the number of the guests are using in order to eliminate the costs of the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

According to the Google – the public interest would be undermined by blocking the personal Wi-Fi hotspot. So, this is not at all fair and good!