Windows 10 Has Great Features

Microsoft is finally launching Windows 10 which means that all the users of Windows 7 or 8 will have a chance to upgrade to a new Windows and experience a new operating system which will give a new and better look with the features which will made the Windows easy to use and the users will also be able to get some help in unexpected ways. The upgrade is made available for everyone without any cost, currently you should just be using Windows 7 or 8 and you can move to the new one.

Microsoft has expectations from the public that it is going to love the Windows as the company has already engaged itself in the steps which were taken to test the Windows and a Preview Version was made available for the people so that they can give feedback about the Windows features, as a result Microsoft knew about the things which were not appreciated and they made a number of changes in that before launching it completely.

Company is hopeful or rather very confident about the usage of the Windows and think that in the coming two or three years, there will be more than 1 billion systems which will use Windows 10.

First appreciable quality of the new Windows is that it looks familiar having a desktop and a taskbar which consists of Start button and icons of all the apps. People who have used PC systems in the past decade will like it as it would be easier and familiar for them.

With the familiar look, changes have been made in the icons, colors, background and system tray icons to give a prettier and attractive look than the previous versions of Windows.

Few features of Smartphones are also added in the Windows like notifications will remind you of the home screen of an android phone which makes it easier to use as most of the people are now a days using smart phones and if they get similar features in their systems, this would create convenience for them.

Windows 10 is also personal as it has Cortana feature which can hear your voice commands and you can get assistance from it to know about different apps of the windows and other useful information about your PC. Cortana has the ability to know about you and habits and provides you free guides and suggests you that which movie should you watch or which will be suitable for you to eat keeping in consideration your likings.

A good thing is that you will not have to wait for years now to upgrade your Windows to a newer version which means Windows 10 is the last kind of operating system and you will be able to get continuous updates through Windows Update Feature.