Windows 10 Will Take More Time To Be Allowed For Upgrades

Microsoft which announced previous month about the availability of the windows 10 Upgrades on July 29th has now altered its plan and now according to Microsoft, Windows 10 would not be available to the people on that day. So people who want to upgrade their system from Windows 7 or 8 to Window 10, have to wait for some more time as Microsoft has some different plans regarding this new Window.

According to the Windows Chief Terry Myerson, Windows 10 will be provided to “Windows Insiders” first to use. Windows Insiders is a group of 5 million people who were involved in the testing of the previous version of Windows 10. When the Insiders are done, then the people who had their copies reserved of Windows 10 will be told and they will be allowed to upgrade their Windows. This slow roll-out of Windows 10 is due to the reason that the demand of the new Windows is very high.

Why need more time?

The growing demand of the Windows made Microsoft to expect that over 1 billion PC users are going to have Windows in their systems in coming 2 or 3 years. Microsoft is being engaged in convincing the users who have been waiting for the Windows for long time and expected that they would have Windows 10 in their Pcs from July 29th this year. Microsoft explained that instead of rushing in allowing the upgrades which could create the issues for the users as well, Microsoft is looking to upgrade the Windows in phases so that this huge demand of the Windows can be managed well and users can be ensured of the good windows experience.

Microsoft itself is waiting for its new Windows to be used by as many people and Microsoft appreciated the people who have been excited and waiting for the Windows but it is also necessary that people should use it with ease and complete features should be able to work. That is why Microsoft has decided to manage the demand slowly in order to be perfect in its service. People may face the problems like compatibility of the PCs with the Windows 10. It is required to test those systems which are running Windows 7 and 8 whether Windows 10 would be fully functional on those systems or not.

According to Myerson, most of the systems using old Windows will be compatible with windows 10 but company is still testing it and it will take some time to complete the testing process.

Microsoft also made and announcement that it will be made possible for the schools and businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 from August 1st.