Women Need Internet To Be A Safer Place For Them

Brianna Wu who is a video game developer has received death threats over one hundred times during the last 9 months. She is the leading the Boston-based gaming startup Giant Spacekat and a group known as Gamergate has been threatening her and the cause of these threats is her inclusion in the video game industry which is traditionally considered to be a male industry.

Examples of threats include a torturing video in which there was a person with a mask and he was threatening to kill her and to blow her up with an explosive device.

It is a threat for every woman who has been found to be a disrupting one for the status quo of the male dominated gaming industry, although Wu is the only one who has become a target currently, but every woman would be expected to be targeted in such scenario. Most of the threats Wu has received are from Twitter and that is why she has been asking the websites and law enforcement to be with her and they should all combine and take a step against such acts to make internet a place where women can feel safe.

Wu spoke against Twitter at the BlogHer Conference held in New York that Twitter and Reddit have failed completely in providing the safety to the users. She said ”If you run a website where people can congregate, you have a moral responsibility to make sure that community is not harassed,”

She further said that the websites like Reddit have left their customers unsafe. The security of the users must be at the top of all the priorities but these websites are in such aosition now that they would not be able to do that without destroying themselves.

Wu accused the new CEO of RedditSteve Huffman, that he made new regulations of the company, she said that such regulations offended the users.

Reddit is not the only one who is being harassed or threatened but there are other women included in the list and the evident was the former interim CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao who clearly mentioned about the trolling messages she has been receiving on the site which has been run by her. She and her other colleagues are getting serious death threats and their personal information has also been posted as well.

Wu condemned the situation through which internet is going now a days as the CEO of such website which is very much known for having traffic, is unable to keep herself secure from the threats.

Brianna Wu has been found engaged in contacting FBI and Homeland Security and her local law enforcement but she is not satisfied with them as there is no law yet against such threatening acts against women and due to this reason these enforcement agencies are not taking it seriously as well.