Access The 88 Sears In Order To Check Your Paystubs

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HR department is the most important branch in any office. Sears is one of the best departmental stores in is a HR related matters website which provides all the information regarding your pay and allowances and other benefits including medical / health benefits which you are getting from our company. This website will be very helpful to you because you can find all your HR related matters on this website in shape of newsletter.

You can see your pay detail, update your contact information and also can change you health benefit plans at this site if you are an employee of Sears. You do not need to go your HR department to know the latest policies and benefits of your company. You just have to visit the official website to get this valuable information. If you are Sear’s employee you can manage your personal information and the benefits those which you are getting from company. All you need is to enroll yourself with this website. There are some requirements to before you can start enjoy this facility. You can use this website for your convenience as stated below:

  • You should have a computer connected with internet.
  • It is mandatory that you are Sear’s employee.
  • Visit
  • You should have your SS number to login the website
  • After login hit “My Personal Information” button which is at upper left corner.

From here onwards, you can see and manage your personal information regarding you pay checks and many other benefits which you are getting from Sears. You also can change your PIN from here. It not only save your time and will also save your money because you do not have to go your HR branch to check these details. You can check/manage these details at your home.