Visit Air Miles To Collect Rewards Miles

Air Miles program has initialized a biggest loyalty plan of Canada through which customers can enjoy shopping through Air miles card and earn points of purchase. Air Miles collector cards are quite popular among clients. There are more over 10 million accounts those which are operating in Canada. In order to enroll with this program being a customer you have to provide details bout card PIN Security to check eligibility criteria. For more details read given set of guides to apply for collect reward miles.

Set Of Requirements:

  • You must have a computer with internet connection
  • Keep your personal details with you
  • Your age must be more than 18 years old.
  • Visit official website of Air Miles


  • Open website of Air Miles in order to enroll with reward miles program and Link of website is given here
  • Now you have to select either Air Miles card collector or click any other relevant options according to your need.
  • If you don’t have Air Miles Card then add your personal information including name, contact information and address in marked fields.
  • Click on button of “Continue” to proceed further.
  • If you are having Air Miles car then add collect card number in marked field along with PIN of temporary security.
  • These information will allow you to earn 25 bonus reward miles. Click on button of “Continue” to proceed further.
  • You will be redirected to a new window where you have to add PIN of collector card and click on button of “Submit” to finish the whole process.