Access Amazon To Apply For Store Card Online

Amazon is world’s famous E-Commerce company which was founded in 1994 and it has been expanding its business rapidly. Its head office is in Seattle. Amazon is operating with 65,600 employees all over the world and its making revenue of $48 billion annually. At Amazon people can do online shopping of various products including software, video games, furniture, home products, jewelry, clothes and much more

Store Card is offered by Amazon for their customers to enjoy online shopping conveniently. This card bring lots of benefits to cardholder. In order to enjoy all associated benefits you have to apply for card through its official website. Submit your card application online by providing required details. Once you have applied for the card you will get card and for which you don’t have to pay any annual charges as well.


  • You need to have computer with internet connection available on it.
  • You need to keep your personal details in hand
  • Visit official website of Amazon

Step By Step Instructions:

  • First of all you need to open a website of Amazon by adding official URL of web page in address bar of browser.
  • Link of website is given as
  • You need to click on button which is labeled as “Apply now” located at the bottom of web page.
  • Add your email address in marked field. If you are a new member then you need to click on option of “I am a new customer” and add your user name and password.
  • Click on button of “Sign in using our secure server” to proceed further.
  • You need to complete the registration process by following on screen instructions.