Access American Express Gift Card Balance Checking

American express which is also abbreviated usually as Amex is a US based multinational firm which offers financial services to all its customers. This company has a head quarter in Manhattan, U.S. This company was created in 1850 has managed to secure a place among the top twenty most admired companies all over the world. This company offers credit card services, banking services and many other facilities to its customers. it has more than 60,000 workers as recorded in 2013. It operates or can be contacted from any located all over the world.


You can access the official website of this company in order to check the balance in your gift card by following the sequence of steps which are listed as under:

  • Open the official web link where this website offers gift card balance checking options which is
  • Enter your card number in the provided space under the title “Card number” and click the continue button on lower right corner of the website.
  • You can cancel the procedure at any step by clicking the cancel button on lower left corner of the website.
  • Please make sure than you have entered the card number without any spaces in between the number since the system is sensitive to the spacing between figures and won’t be able to provide you your required information.
  • In addition to balance checking, you can use this account to view the history of transactions made earlier via gift cards.

You can login to your official account by clicking the login button on top right corner of the website. You can also specify name of the country where you live by changing the default location.