Visit AT&T To Confirm Your Payments Online

AT&T is providing a service to its customers to confirm their online transfer of funds through multiple ways. Being a customer you have to select your mode and payments which suits you well and then transfer your funds online. Besides this online payment you can confirm the status of your payment online that either your payment has been accepted or not.

 Set Of Requirements

  • He or she must have a personal computer and internet access available on system
  • you have to visit website

How To Confirm The Status Of Payments?

In order to verify the payments you must have few things in mind. If you are thinking that your funds has been received after due date then this will be shown on your next bill whereas online payments are directly posted to AT&T account. To authenticate transfer of your funds you are required to check current status of funds or keep in contact with your bank

 How Current Payments Can Be Verified With Personal Computer?

You need to log in your account of MYAT&T in case you are not a registered member then you have to create your account by following on screen instructions of website. Once you have been logged in to your website slide the mouse on option of Billing and option of usage and payments located on top of web page and click on option of “Payment Activity” which will show your last payment which has been recorded as payment received status.

 How You Can Check Your Previous Payments?

Sign in to your account of MYAT&T which you have created at the time of registration. Click on Menu and click on option of Billing and payments. In next step you will become able to check your previous payments in stated format MM-DD-YY