Set Up Barclay Card US To Online Access

Barclay card is a worldwide used payment card introduced by Barclay’s retail and business Banking. As far as history is concerned Barclay’s card was the first of its kind used in UK in 1966. In very start competition was pretty less but with the advent of time things started to change. There was a very tough competition between Barclay’s card and American express.

After some time Barclay’s started doing business with Visa and now a day Barclay’s offers Master Card, Visa, and American Express. Barclay’s claim That as far as UK is concerned Barclay Card is top selling Brand having 10.4 customers in UK while 10.8 Billion Users are outside the premises of united kingdom.


  • To Set up online access for your us Barclay’s card First of all Enter in your web browser.
  • Click home on the main screen.
  • There will be different sections on the website search for the section “New Card Members”.
  • Under new card members click on the link “setup online Access”.
  • A window will open with the main heading signup for online access.
  • In this section you need to verify your identity for your own security.
  • First of all provide your 9 digits social security number.
  • Then enter your date of birth in mm / dd / yyyy format.
  • Enter your card account number written on the card.
  • Then select either you are a United States citizen or not.
  • After providing all above information you need to customize your new online account in the next section.
  • You have to choose a unique username it can either be your pet name or something unique like johny1122.
  • Setup a password for your account and in the next box re enter your password
  • Press Continue to proceed

For more information click on “Help” in top right corner of the home window.