Get Access To The Board Of Equalization Account

The Board of Equalization (BOE) for the state of California has been performing the responsibility of administering numerous programs that are related to the tax and fee through the city, state and country are funded. You can register yourself online with BOE for such accounts. It depends on the kind of business activity or if it is the transaction for personal use that what is the kind of information is required for the online registration that is license, permit or account type.

Registration Process:

You can be directed to the exact type of registration that is required by providing the answers to some particular questions related to the business activity.

  • To make an account with the Board of Equalization, you require a computer system that should be connected with the internet.
  • The process of registration begins when you visit the website of BOE which is When the link opened, you can see the “Log in” button at your upper left corner. You can click on it enter your user ID and password but if you do not have an account, then below that, “New Registration” is written. Click on that.
  • Another page will open that will tell you about the details of the registration. Here you can find the blue and bold tab ‘Register a business activity with BOE”. When you click there, it will direct you to the page where you will see the declaration of the intent. Read it carefully and then decide that you are going to accept it or not.
  • If you want to carry on with the process, you can click on “Accept” button which will open for you a form in which you can enter all the required information for the registration of your account.
  • The information you may be asked to give would be for example your name, email address, user ID and password and a security question that can protect your account whenever you forget your password, you can give that answer and get back to your account any time.
  • Moreover, you are going to be asked about the kind of business you have to register for and your role in that. Enter all the information and click on “Next” button which is at the bottom.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions and this will end the registration process after which you can operate and manage your BOE account.