Access Boston Pizza Customer Survey To Win Code

Boston Pizza lets its fans to participate in the Guest Satisfaction Survey through which customers can leave their opinions about the things that must be changed by the company regarding the meal and the services they are offered. The feedback given after the experience to the restaurant can be very handy for the company as the information will guide the staff to make the experience of the customers better as compared to their previous visit.

You can also share your experience by taking the survey which is available online on the website of Boston Pizza. Through this online survey you will be able to give your input that is going to help you and the company both.

Boston shows concern with the customers and appreciate the criticism as well. Moreover, it gives you the reward for taking part in the survey. The reward is in the shape of a chance to win gift card of Boston of $50 by entering a draw after giving your feedback.

Things You Need To Participate

  • You must have an age above 18 years.
  • You must have a PC or a smartphone with you.
  • The computer must have access to the internet with good speed.
  • Your receipt which you got at your last visit.

How Can You Take Part In The Survey?

  • Begin the survey by opening your web browser and the website of the Boston which is  
  • Select the language in which you are interested to take the survey. You will have two choices, English or Spanish.
  • Then provide your transaction number, store number, server name, time and the date when you visited the restaurant and money you paid there. All of such information can be found on your receipt.
  • Then a set of questions will come for you regarding the visit you paid last time. Read them carefully and answer them truly. Complete your survey by providing all the answers and go the next page.
  • When it is completed, you can the notification if you are lucky enough to win an iPod instantly. If you win the prize, then you will be further directed.
  • At the end, some personal information will be required. Fill the form correctly and your survey will be finished.