Access California LifeLine To Apply Or Renew Your Applications

California Life Line is an online website that is letting you to enroll into the state program that is providing you Telephone and cell phone on discounts and this program is only for the household usage. This program is allowing the customers to lowers their phone bills by filling an online application before enrolling into the program. To get discounted customers has to choose one option from cell phone or home phone to take this service. You have to first qualify for this program by filling an online application here by following these simple steps.


  • You need to have an enrollment code or applicant’s phone#.
  • You must have a renewal form.


  • Click on this link and apply or renew your application.
  • Now click on “Apply or renew online” option.
  • To apply or renew on-line, you have to buy your form from the California LifeLine Administrator.
  • If you don’t have form then click on this link
  • Enter “Applicant’s Phone Number/Enrollment Code” “Personal Identification Number (PIN)” and “How did you hear about California LifeLine” choose this from the given drop menu and press “Login” button.

After qualifying this program you have to contact with the customer service of this company to tell about your home phone or cell phone on which you want to apply this service. California LifeLine telephone service provider will approve your home phone and cell phone before activating this service. You can check this link to search your nearby telephone service provider for verification. If you have any question about their service you can take call center service 1-866-272-0349 at this number if your language is English.