Access Club Penguin To Activate Your Card Online

This virtual Club Penguin was created in 2005 to give the online access to the internet users. This virtual club is under the specialist and parent who allow their kids to access this website to play games online. This is popular massively multiplayer online games service. Here kids can choose their favorite cartoon as player in penguin avatar here. There are amazing and adventurous games that are gives some message and learning to your kids. This website allows kids online account and parent online account as well. Parents can login into account to check their kids’ activities and can make purchases for them via penguin card.

Penguin card is providing your online shopping service for your kid’s favorite games. You can apply for card here by filling form and by getting your card you can activate your card by following these simple steps.


  • Click on this link and activate your card online.
  • Choose your language and click on “Home” button.
  • Scroll down your curser and click on “Activate card” button.
  • If your child has a penguin then enters “Penguin name” and “Password” and click on “Log & purchase” button.
  • If your child hasn’t penguin then your need penguins account to purchase a membership.
  • Click on “Create & Activate” button.
  • Choose color of penguin.
  • Enter “Penguin name” “Password” and “Email”.
  • If you are agree with the terms and condition then tick mark the box.
  • click on “Next” button

For activating your card you should have online account first to enter your card details and to press button “Activate” after activating your card you can use this card online shopping. You can enjoy rewards and point by shopping your favorite apps and products here by using this card.