Win $1000 Cash By Taking The Delta Hotel Survey

Delta is a renowned hotel and resort chain operating in Canada. Company has been providing the best quality services at the standards of highest level. The hotel chain is very keen to take the feedback from the visitors so that it may know how much satisfied they are. Delta Hotels also give an opportunity to win $1000 cash through this survey. You can simply participate in the survey by providing some information related to you and you will enter the draw.

The feedback from the customers can raise the standards of the company more as its strategies are based on their views. In this way the services of the hotel will be in an improved shape that is an ultimate benefit for the customers themselves. The procedure for the survey is not difficult and it can be done through its website conveniently.

Survey Procedure

  • To participate in the survey you will have to visit the survey webpage of the company which is
  • When the page is opened, select one of the languages from English and French.
  • Click on English and another page will open for you where you need to choose your province from the drop down menu. Also tell the property name (the name of your hotel).
  • Now read the terms and conditions carefully and click on “Accept” to begin the survey.
  • Now answer the questions of the survey and give your room number along with the date and time of your arrival at the hotel.
  • At the end, click on “Submit” so that your survey can be finished.