Access DIRECTV Redeem Your Prepaid Reward Card

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If you are looking for a single and the best online platform to submit rebates, then the DIRECTV is like the one-stop shop for the online submission of rebates. You don’t need to do something after joining the DIRECTV because your rebate credits will just begin with your first bill. The whole procedure can take 6 to 8 weeks and with just a couple of simple clicks, you can avail many services, like viewing your statement, paying the bills, and much more than that. At the DIRECTV, our goal is to offer the convenience to your life.

How to redeem your prepaid reward card?

You just need to follow a few simple steps if you want to redeem your prepaid reward card:

  • Follow the link on whatever web browser you are using.
  • You will see a highlighted box. Just click the “View my Offers”.
  • Now, you will see another highlighted box that will ask you to enter a valid email address and the password. Sign in, if you already have an account.
  • On the third highlighted box, you will be asked to verify the email address. Verify it to complete the process.
  • Now, you will be asked to download and email.
  • After entering the correct information, you will be able to download the redemption form.
  • Fill the redemption form and mail it to the specified address.

Here on the page, you will also see some useful tips to the redeem process, so you can read them carefully and make your living full of convenience.