Access Department of Labor Of Georgia To File UI Claims

Due to economic problems there are people are facing unemployment problems and unable to find good jobs. Government of United State has created department of labor for each of state to give perfect management to give job offers and unemployment benefits to the jobless people. Georgia State is also managing tis Department of Labor under the Country laws to give benefit services. To the get these service you can access its online website where you can find online process and all documents with complete information here.

What services you can find from here:

You can find these services from here other than UI claim files

  • You can find job here in this state
  • You can apply for weekly benefit payments
  • Submit your weekly work search online
  • You can report UI fraud and other Abuse
  • Get complete documents and files at this website.


  • Go to this URL and access file UI claim online.
  • Now click on the “File a regular UI claim” option.
  • If you read the above information and if you are understand and also the age of 18 year then tick mark the checkbox.
  • Scroll down the curser and enter Social Security Number and also reenter for the verification.
  • If you have already set up a PIN then enter in a given field.
  • If you don’t have PIN then setup PIN and also reenter for verification.
  • Press “Continue” button.
  • To contact to customer service then click on this link