How To Get Access To EPPI Card Account To Manage It

EPPI Card, a prepaid debit card which is used for the distribution of the benefits related to the child support and payments for unemployment by the authorities of more than 23 states. It is also called Child Support Card and perform the function similar to an ATM card. The balance is uploaded in the card automatically and in this way an easy access is offered to the user who can simply carry his card and shop online or purchase the required items from the retailers or pay bills.

There is no monthly fees involved in the EPPI Card for the maintenance but it depends on the state, users may have to pay a fee to the card at an ATM.

To have an access to you EPPI Card online, you can follow some straight forward steps which can let you manage your card account.

Requirements and Guides:

To manage your account, you must have a computer that must be connected with the internet and keep you EPPI Card in your hand to provide the card number.

  • To start the procedure, you need to login at the website of EPPI Card that is
  • When the link in opened, you will find the scroll bar in the middle of the page from which you will have to select your state and program.
  • After selecting one, click on the “Continue” button which will open another page.
  • If you already have an account you can simply enter your user ID and click on “Login” otherwise you will have to click on the “New User”.
  • New page will open where you will be asked to provide your card number, date of birth, email address and the user ID you want to create. Enter this information and click on the “Submit” button below.
  • Follow the further instructions of the website and provide all the necessary information you are asked to give.
  • When your EPPI Card account registration procedure is completed, you will have an access to your account and you can easily check your balance. Also you will be able to see the history of transactions.