Get To Equifax To Manage Your Credit Account

The Equifax is a best source of managing your credit account and will secure your information from the others.


Follow the mentioned steps to get the service online.

  • Visit to the website to access the online application at the company website.
  • The page will open, which shows the benefits of this account. It also mentioned the features of this credit account on this website. To get started with the new account and avail this service, you need to click on the “Get Started” labeled tab which is located at the webpage.
  • The new page contains the application form for the user. Now we need to provide required information as required in the form fields. Provide your first name and the last name in the first two boxes on the application form.
  • Choose the gender option i-e Male or Female as required in the form.
  • Type your street address as the fields are available. The street address should be correct for successful delivery of your news and other letters from the company at this address. You will lose your mail, if this information is entered incorrectly.
  • Enter your city name in the next boxes. The city name should be current or update one and you are currently residing in the city.
  • From the available menu of State, select your state name i-e AZ, CA, CO or others. It depends on the name of your state.
  • With the State menu, there is a field for the Zip code entry. You need to provide this field with the Zip Code. The code would be your area code in the above mentioned city and state within the United States of America.
  • Choose your answers from the “YES” or “NO”. This is confirmation of the option, whether you stayed at the above mentioned address more than six months or less.
  • Provide your SSN in the next available 3 boxes. This number is assigned to only the local residents of the United States.
  • Give your date of birth by selecting from the menus like DD, MM and YYY. The account is restricted to the person above 18 years age, so you should enter the accurate information.
  • Type your contact phone number whether mobile or telephone in the boxes. The representatives will contact you on these available numbers.
  • Press “continue” red button to move towards the next process.

Verify your identity after receiving the confirmation email from the company.