Access Green Dot To Activate Prepaid Card

They issue Visa and Master Card in around 60,000 retail stores in United States of America. These products include Radio Shack, Wall Greens, Rite Aid and CVS. Also providing discount on Wall mart and Meijer. They also Transfer funds to your account from Us Government accounts. In this Type of cards you don’t need to have a personal account to have a card. You deposit funds and get your card immediately. Online payments are done by the credit score present in the card. This card can also be used for shopping and payment purposes. There is no checkbook associated with this card and it can only be used where there is ATM allowed. The company also has some joint ventures with A T & T, CITI Bank, Boost Mobile and Wall Mart.

To activate your credit card using Green Dot following are the steps.


  • Open
  • On the home screen Click on the section labeled as Prepaid cards
  • A new tab will appear in the explorer window of your system
  • There will be block named as Activate your account
  • Click on the link and open it
  • Fill in the information first of all enter your prepaid account number
  • Then provide the necessary information as per instructions
  • You will be notified after your complete Activation of prepaid card via Email or Phone.

This Card is not permanent it use “Valued Customer” instead of Customers name on the card. These cards are non reloadable. But you can also buy a reloadable card you have just to pay the fees or the charges and wait for the home delivery within 5 – 7 working your postal address.

If the amount of cash deposited in the account is less than $1000 or number of times of shopping in a month is less than 30 Purchases user will have to pay $5.95 monthly.