How To Get Register For The Happy Meal

The Happy Meal is a wonderful way to gift and surprise the gifts who enjoyed food with the gifts. In 1940, this super meal was sold to the biggest American fast food chain McDonald. Since then, this restaurant has become the part of their food deals and giving the kids and the family a good way to share happiness and surprise gifts which are hidden in the kids special meal pack. The kids love this nutritional food pack as it contains various yummy nuggets, French fries and other fast food items with a toy. In collaboration with the best food chain around the world, this healthy kid meal got the highest fame and appreciation from the kids as well as parents who were worried about their kids unhealthy eating habits. The kids love to play with toys and happily eat meal at the restaurant.

Important Instructions

Before starting the sign up process on the website the user should have a computer and an internet to access the official website.

Steps to enjoy

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, now Log in option available at the corner of the window.
  • A new window will appear, click on the Get Started button as you need to register with your user account on the company website.
  • Now enter your screen name in the given field. The name should contain 8-10 letters and one number should be included. You should not use your real names as a screen name in the given box.
  • By clicking on the “check screen name” option mentioned under the step 4 field. You could get the availability of your name on the website.
  • Enter your password in the given box, the password is case sensitive. It should contain 8 letters with one number included to keep it secure password.
  • Re-type your password in the given field this will confirm your password which you have entered in the step 6.
  • Click on the Go button to finish the process.

The completion of this registration form will help you and your kids enjoy the exciting and interesting games, play with toys, watch videos and others on the official website.