Access Home Path For Short Sales

Home Path is an authorized website which is owned by Fannie Mae. Fannie claims its goal to sell the property in an organized and timely fashion to minimize the impact on community. It’s a general perception that the house labeled with Home Path tag becomes eligible for special financing. Home Path is the best pathway to purchase a home of your own. You can easily buy a short sale home by visiting the authorized website.

What are the basic requirements for short sales?

Fulfill the following needs to get a short sale home:

  • You need to have PC with the internet access.
  • You must use a Realtor to purchase a Home Path property.

What are the main steps that should be followed to get a short sale home?

Go through the following guidelines to know the procedure of sale:

  • Open the official website through the web browser for short sale. Go to the given link of the website
  • As the home page of website opens you will see an option marked as “Short Sales” located at the top right corner of the page. You need to click on it.
  • A new web page opens which shows the procedure to get a short sale home. First of all you need to determine if Fannie Mae owns your client’s mortgage.
  • In next step you need to know that either you are eligible to be a home owner or not.
  • Now if you are eligible for home ownership then request list price guidance.
  • After agreement on the contract you need to submit it.
  • In the last step you need to review the information and close it properly.