Get Registered For The H&R Block Income Tax Course

H&R offers you to take the course of Income tax so that you may learn to prepare the taxes. You can join the classes of the income tax course with the H&R Block and you will be taught by the professionals who have plenty of experience in this particular field of income tax preparation and they are considered to be the best in that.

These courses are comprised of the classroom instructions along with the web-based teaching methods and the activities as well. The course includes the learning through the professional discussions, practice on the latest software of taxes and more.

Get Employment Opportunity

A major advantage of the Income Tax Course is that it also gives you the chance to apply for the job at H&R Block. If it hires you as an employees, then a flexible schedule can be prepared, list of clients can be built and advancement in the career is also possible through the Continuing Education program.

Register Yourself For The Course

A simple procedure is to be followed for the registration of the Income Tax Course at H&R Block. For that you will be need a computer or any other device that can be connected to the internet. The internet must have a good speed.

  • Visit the official website of the H&R Block to register your course which is
  • You can whether click on “Log in” and enter the username and password or if you do not have the Login ID, then click on the green tab “Get Started”.
  • On the next page you can make a search for the Income Tax Course in your area. Enter the zip code, the radius in which you are interested to search of that zip code and the preferred language. Then click on “Search Learning Catalog”.
  • A list of different locations will appear from which you can choose the appropriate one.
  • Clicking on any of them will open the detailed description. You can then click on “Register” button and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the process.