Access The IGA Store Shopper Survey And Win $50

Well, being an IGA Store Shopper you are always being offered the greatest quality services and their aim is to always fulfill the needs of their customers by giving them the services they are looking for. Their first and the foremost priority are to satisfy their clients and for that, they are always trying to find the even minor and little areas where they can improve the services or the products quality. And offering the surveys to their clients is the one big step towards knowing what their customers have to say about it and after hearing from their clients, they always try to improve the areas according to the client’s/customers suggestions or the feedback. And if you wish to take the survey, then there is good news for you that you can win the $50 prize by successfully completing that survey.

Let’s Win!

So, if you wish to win the $50 cash prize from the  Store by participating in the IGA Store Shopper survey online, then you can win the prize by following the below simple steps:

  • So, click the link where you can find yourself at the IGA Store Shopper official website.
  • Now, when you are at  Store Shopper official website, then from here, you can see two different options on the main screen.
  • One is for the “IGA Stores in U.S” and the other one is for the “IGA Stores Caribbean & Mexico”.
  • If you have purchased a thing form the  Stores in U.S, then you should click that.
  • Here, now, you can get started by entering your zip code and right after you will see the survey questions to complete it.

So, win the $50 cash prize from the  Store Shopper official survey by the above steps.