Participate In Lego Survey To Share Your Level Of Satisfaction About Games

Surveys are the best source to measure performance of company. Lego has initiated an online survey to collect all registered members feedback regarding new video games. This survey will help company to estimate how effective and customer oriented were the product. In order to take part in survey you have to answer few questions by rating from 0-10. While answering all questions make sure you keep in mind all important aspects.


  • You need to keep a computer or laptop according to availability
  • You must have internet access available to your computer device

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Open a website of Lego Survey at
  • Read all terms and conditions of survey located on home page of website
  • Click on button of “Begin Survey” to begin the process
  • Enter your age in given field of text and click on button of “Next”
  • Now, you would be asked to explain how much you are satisfied with new video game.
  • You have to rate the video from 0-10, 0 will show that you are not satisfy with the game while 10 will show that you are extremely satisfied.
  • Similarly, you have to answer about all other questions. At the end you have to provide all your contact and personal information to assure that you are a regular customer.
  • On completion of survey click on button of “Submit” to finish the survey.