Access Log Me In Technician And Get Remote Assistance

Log Me In was founded in 2003 in Budapest. Head office of company is in United States. It is providing various services to its customers online such as remote connectivity, online assistance, business solutions and much more. If you are facing some problem in your computer then you can access remote assistance. It is an easy and effective way to solve your issues using Log me in. All you need to have is a Personal Identification Number code and access website where you have to provide this PIN code and proceed further by downloading Rescue Applet set up and install it to solve your problem.

Set of Requirements

  • You must own a personal computer with internet connection available on it.
  • You have to assure that you have logged in as a trial session.
  • You must have a browser which support the set-up of Technician Console.
  • Keep Personal Identification code number in hand.
  • Visit website of Log me in 123

Step wise Instructions:

  • Insert official URL of website Log me in at
  • In next step you have to add personal Identification code number and click on button which is labeled as “Connect to Technician”
  • You will find a dialogue box in order to download Rescue Applet. You have to follow on screen guides to download and run the set-up of Rescue Applet.
  • Once you have installed it you are free to access Log Me in technician which will assist you to solve computers problems which you are facing on your computer or on mobile devices.
  • You are highly recommended to follow all instruction provided on help menu and on screen to get assistance.
  • For further help you can consult FAQ web page on website.