Register Yourself With Macy’s And Get Rewards For Shopping

Macy’s was established in the year 1958 which is based in New York. More than 800 stores of Macy’s are running successfully at various locations in the Unites States. To make its services available to everyone the company also provides the online services so that the customers in other countries can also get the easy access to the products it offers. The products include clothing, jewelry, footwear, cosmetics etc.

Macy’s Star Rewards

One of the services of the retailer is its star rewards. Customers get these rewards for shopping through the credit card of Macy’s. It is the card provided by the company so that the customers do not need to carry the large amounts of cash with them. The customers can apply for the rewards online by registering their credit card or American Express card of Macy’s. Through these rewards, they can avail better shopping opportunities as more exclusive offers are provided to them.

Requirements For Registration

  • The first things required is a computer.
  • It should be given access to the internet.
  • It is necessary to be the citizen of the United States.
  • Your age must be above 21.

Follow The Simple Steps

  • Start the registration process by typing the URL that will open the official webpage for you.
  • An introduction on that page will be given. You may read it or leave by clicking on “skip intro” button.
  • On the next page, the options of “Register your Card” and the “Start Reward Benefits” are present. You have to click on the button of “Register your card”.
  • A form will be provided to you with the help of which you can create your Macy’s profile.
  • Enter your first and the last names, zip code, address, city, state, email address and password.
  • To secure your account, a security question will have to be selected from the drop down menu and answer it.
  • Other things you have to enter include your gender and date of birth.
  • Choose one of the boxes to tick saying either notifications should be received by mail or text message.
  • Enter your social security number as well and then click on “Create Profile”. At the completion of the registration procedure, you may shop and collect rewards from Macy’s.