Make A Cad From “My Happy Meal” By Accessing The Happy Meal

Well, almost we all go to different fast food restaurants and chains time to time to have different kind of meals and get to gather. It is very important to have a gathering or sitting at a place not only to share meals but also can discuss about some of our planning and problems. MacDonald is a one of the largest food chains in the world and provides different kind of meals and offers to its valued customers. It is important to have such a place where kids and enjoy their outing with different tools and meal according to their ages. For the same purpose they had introduced a platform which is called “My Happy Meal”.

Follow the below steps and complete online process:-

  • You need to have a computer with internet connection to start the online program.
  • You will need your mcode to enter here and start the process.
  • You need to have your Happy Meal Box with you because it contains the mcode.
  • Now you need to open your web browser and type and start the online process.
  • Enter your mcode which is printed on your happy meal box and process with the process.
  • You need to create your ID and password here. Simply select your user name and password and begin the process.
  • After the completion of your account you need to enter in McWorld.
  • You need to select a mPet to proceed to start your adventure.
  • You need to select dress and accessories for your mPet.
  • You also need to select a name for your mPet.

If you had completed this online process now you can play different games, puzzles and can make different tree houses. By doing all this you are also earning the points which will help you to win different prizes. You also can win a prize directly by simply participating and you do not have to participate in sweepstake and wait for the result and then win a prize.