Get Register To The CITI Prepaid Card Account Online

Are you a regular user of the CITI prepaid card? If yes, then we are highly thankful to you because you are our real strength. To offer you the quality services consistently, we always look forward to get your precious feedback about our services in order to make our services just according to your desires. For your convenience and to offer you the more security and features, we have offered the online CITI Prepaid Card Accounts and you can get registered for yours to get the many benefits like, viewing your balance, checking your transaction history and other features.

How to get registered for your prepaid account!

Well, you can follow the below simple steps in order to create your CITI Prepaid Card online account:

  • Click the link to visit the CITI prepaid card official website.
  • Now, you will be welcomed at the CITI prepaid card’s official website by a “Welcome Message”.
  • In the middle of the official webpage, you can see a “First time here?” message.
  • Under that message, there is a link to get you registered for the account.
  • Follow that link and you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to “Confirm your Identity”. So, you should fill the required information and click the “Next” button that is highlighted by blue color.
  • At the end, follow the remaining steps to complete the registration process.

So, the entire procedure for the registration is as easy as stated above. You can follow the above simple steps to get yourself registered for the CITI Prepaid Card online account.