Join The American Express Membership Reward Program

Membership Reward program is a program which gives the opportunity to earn points on every single dollar spent during shopping. Customer can later on redeem these points and enjoy the free travel, entertainment, dinning and shopping. In this way you can save your money. Go through the given instructions to join the reward program.

What Are The Requirements To Join The Rewards Program?

  • You must have a computer with the internet access.
  • You need to have an American Express card.
  • You need to have an account on the official website of company.

What Is The Procedure To Enroll In The Reward Program?

  • First of all open the official website of membership rewards by following the given link as to earn the points.
  • As the website opens you have to click on the green color button labeled as “Login” to access your account first.
  • Enter the login details which are login id and password in the given fields an click on “Login”.
  • But if you are new comer than register an account first by clicking on the link mentioned as “Create new online account”.
  • As you get an access to the account then click on the tab marked as “Enroll Now” located in the section of “Your Rewards” to join the reward program.
  • By joining the membership reward program you can earn points on every dollar which you spent on shopping.


This membership program offers you points which you earn by every dollar spend on shopping. After the accumulation of sufficient points you can redeem them and utilize them in entertainment, shopping, travel and dining.