Access Metro And Sign Up To Get Ealerts

Well, we all use to travel in different transit companies across the areas. It is very important to keep an eye on the time table of the transport so we can save our precious time. By simply completing the sign in process of Metro you can get alerts on your mobile phone or by email address. It is very painful that when we reach to a railway station or bus stop and we know that the train or bus is late due to different reasons. So it is important to the exact timings to avoid such situation.

 After completing the below process you can get eAlerts accordingly:-

  • A computer which is connected with internet is must to complete the sign up process, so you need to have the both.
  • You can complete the online process if you have a cell phone number or a valid email address.
  • Now you need to open your web browser and visit the official web page of Metro i.e. and complete the rest online process.
  • Now you need to locate the “Rider Tools” option to process further.
  • You need to enter on “eAlerts” which is located in drop down menu bar.
  • Here you will see different ealerts options; you need to select the one which you are looking for.
  • After selecting an option you need to enter the button which is marked as “Subscribe”.
  • Now you need to follow the given instructions to complete the online process.
  • Enter your email address or mobile number. You can only enter one of this to get ealerts on your mobile phone or via email address.
  • You need to select the time which you want to check the Metro services an operations.
  • After all this you need to enter the button which is marked as “Subscribe” to finish the process.

Now you will get text alerts on your mobile phone number if you had entered your mobile number. If you had entered your email address you need to check your email inbox to see the latest alerts about the Metro.