Get Access Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts TO Pay Tickets

Earlier, it seemed to be trouble when you were concerned about paying traffic ticket in Miami-Dade County because it was required by you to visit the office of the clerk or you had to mail the citation when it was received. Now for our convenience, method of online payment is being offered by the county for the traffic tickets.

You can pay the traffic ticket only through a simple process that is not going to take your more than 15 minutes. The process is of the registration with the website which is necessary to get this online service offered by the Miami-Dade County clerks.

Requirements and the Process of Registration:

The first thing you require is a computer system which must have an internet connection. Along with that you are going to need your citation number.

  • Open the main website of Miami-Dade Clerk that is Click on “Pay Citation” under the Advanced Services which will redirect you to the page where you can register yourself.
  • Being an old visitor of the site you can simply login by entering your username and password but if you are a new user then you will have to click on “Register” button.
  • The next page will give a form that is needed to be completely filled.
  • At the top of the form, you have to select whether you are registering yourself as an individual or a service provider like traffic school, law firm etc.
  • The rest of the form is about the personal information regarding you which include your first name, last name, name of the business, email address, phone number, street address, city, state and zip code.
  • Make sure that the information is entered correctly and then click on “Next”.
  • Follow the further process and get yourself registered with that.
  • After completing your registration process, you can manage your account and pay your ticket easily.